About ArtsTucson

Arts Tucson’s mission is to promote, present and produce arts events for the adventurous audiences of Tucson.

Our initial seasons featured the European circus arts of the Zoppe Family Circus. In 2017, Arts Tucson hosts visits by The Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, Sybarite5 and the Richter/Uzur Duo.
Long-term ambitions for the organization will be announced soon.

Created in 2015 by founding board members Chuck Tennes, Eric Holtan and Brad Richter, Arts Tucson is a not-for-profit Arizona corporation.  In a letter dated Jun 8, 2016, the IRS has confirmed that Arts Tucson is exempt from federal taxation under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c) (3). Contributions to Arts Tucson are tax deductible.

For more information:

Chuck Tennes, President
(520) 989 3890

Arts Tucson, Inc.
2556 N. Bentley Avenue
Tucson, Arizona 85716